Patient Story: My Midwest Mom Experience with Dr. Neinstein

by Neinstein Plastic Surgery Patient

My Midwest Mom Experience with Dr. Neinstein

I live in the mid-west and while I know there are amazing plastic surgeons here that people swear by, I just felt like I should be looking elsewhere; I didn’t really see results locally that even came close to what I was seeing on the East and West Coast.

When it comes to plastic surgery, I thought for sure I would do “LA body with a New York face” – because let’s be honest, the best bodies are in LA and the best enhanced but natural faces are on the East Coast…or so I thought. I knew I was going to do this before I became pregnant with my first and only child, so my research started 2 years prior to surgery. In preparation I became a first class plastic surgery Instagram junky.

After giving birth and shedding as much weight as I could on my own, I had mentally narrowed down my body surgeons to two famous doctors in LA – not just because they were well known, but because their work backed it up from what I had seen, major results. I had consultations with both doctors and the recommendations for me were extensive.

The recommendations from Doc 1 were as follows: arm lipo with skin tightening, lipo 360, double reverse tummy tuck, breast lift and reduction, lipo on inside and outside of thighs with skin tightening, fat transfer to hip dips, nose job. The recommendations for Doc 2 were: arm lipo, inner and outer thigh lipo, their signature-style-rather-juicy-BBL, lipo 360, tummy tuck, breast lift and reduction. In both cases the cost was six figures. I was not expecting a six figure price tag, but I’m lucky enough to be in a position where that is an option, so I chalked up the price to being the cost of a famous doctor, higher quality surgeons, being in California, and the basic sentiment that you get what you pay for. Cheap shit ain’t cool and cool shit ain’t cheap – so pay up, sister.

I was marinating on all the information and recommendations for weeks. Something wasn’t clicking to get me to pull the trigger on either doctor that I was beyond excited about prior to the consultations. My hang-ups were that I already have a larger ass, so I really didn’t want an even bigger ass to make my waist look smaller by some sort of illusion given with the super-juicy-BBL option and the other doctor throwing in a nose job on top of extensive body work gave me pause. Randomly, I came across Dr. Neinstein’s Instagram and was instantly hooked. The Neinstein aesthetic to me was awesome. It is everything I had in my mind’s eye for what I’ve tried to achieve my whole life unsuccessfully: Lean, strong, elegant, athletic, and really….natural. But hot and awesome.

My consultation with Dr. Neinstein was so funny – through watching his Instagram I knew that he was very passionate about the care and personal connection with his patients…so even though I was nervous, I told him more than I normally would have about body goals and about the other consultations I’d had in LA. When I told him how much work was recommended by the other doctors he was shocked. He told me no matter what happened, I should absolutely not do that much work in one day of surgery and went into the reasons why. As he was talking me out of doing too much work with very sound and with an obvious level of expertise, I thought “wow, this is an amazing person and doctor”. I didn’t even know him, I wasn’t a patient yet, he wasn’t trying to sell me or upsell me, he was literally advising me as if I was an old friend looking out for my best interests. His advice and recommendations were so good, the decision was made before we even finished the consultation. This is my doctor.

The rest of the experience: amazing. The nurses and his office staff walked me through all the preparation before surgery, sent an extensive Amazon list of the best supplies you need on hand, answered every dumb question I had and they were all incredible. Looking back on the surgery, I’m actually in awe that I did it. When you really want to have plastic surgery to improve your body, it seems like just getting your act together to make it happen is the hardest part. But actually, having plastic surgery is a major life event. His office understands that, even if their patients don’t quite know what they’re getting into. So at first it feels like excellent customer service…but then when you’re on the other side of surgery and are recovering, its not customer service its actually the highest quality care you could ever ask for. No doctors do what Dr. Neinstein and his team do. See their patients every morning after surgery? Call for follow ups in the first weeks? Text check ins months after? It’s incredible. Since surgery, he’s made recommendations and referrals that have enhanced my results…these are things that are making an absolutely massive difference in my life. Did I mention my results are unreal?

Finally, a few pieces of advice…spring for the private nurse to take care of you for at least 2 days after surgery! 3-4 days if you can. Especially if it’s your first rodeo. A friend asked what it was like and I said the best analogy I could think of is this: Recovery is like giving birth in the woods. Could you do it alone and get through it? Sure, but wtf, why would you do that? A friend could help you, but a nurse would be a game changer! Spring for Liquid Sunshine for your post surgery lymphatic massages. I can’t find anyone back where I live that even comes close to what Anna’s massages are like; she is a magician.

My results have been amazing and I’m obsessed with Dr. Neinstein’s practice; they are next level awesome and I would do it again tomorrow if I had to. He’s a brilliant visionary, an extremely talented surgeon, a kind soul and has a truly deep commitment to excellence and the hard work it takes to be the best.

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