EMSculpt Introduced at NYC’s Neinstein Plastic Surgery

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September 11, 2018
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Introducing Emsculpt: Body Contouring by NYC’s Neinstein Plastic Surgery

The future of body contouring is here, not since botox has there been such an advance in non-surgical aesthetic treatments. For the first time we can safely and effortlessly build muscle and nothing emsculpt-machineis more motivating than real results.

Give us 30 minutes and we will give you 20,000 sit-ups or 20,000 squats.

#MuscleMadness starts now!

About EMSculpt

Leading the cutting edge of body sculpting Neinstein Plastic Surgery is offering patients the first ever FDA approved device to build and sculpt muscles at our NYC home, the EMSculpt device.

The perfect compliment to our body contouring practice, Dr. Neinstein is able to melt fat, tighten skin, and now help NYC patients achieve their muscle sculpting goals non-surgically.

Achieve goals in a fun, relaxed atmosphere while also building muscle. This procedure helps patients blast through any fitness plateau, kickstart a healthy lifestyle, or simply help maintain their figure.

How it Works

The process starts with patients receiving four 30 minute treatments in our Manhattan, New York office over the course of two weeks. This will create dynamic and tangible results in the areas being treated. Not only will you build muscle you will also lose fat but most importantly gain the confidence to be the best version of yourself.

Have swagger, have confidence, and enjoy maximum fitness goals.

There is no pre-treatment or preparation required and no after care is needed. There are no gels and no numbing on or in the skin. EMSculpt is simply strapped on like a seatbelt.

Interested in EMSculpt?

To learn more about EMSculpt, visit our EMSculpt overview page, or contact us today. Achieve the figure you desire – visit Neinstein Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.