The Difference Between Smart Lipo and Plasma Lipo

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August 22, 2018
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Smart Lipo vs Plasma Lipo

Many of our New York liposuction patients ask about the differences between smart lipo vs plasma lipo.

Smart lipo was introduced to the American Body Contouring market in the 1990’s to much fanfare. The name Smart Lipo is actually the name of a laser. This laser goes under the skin in effort to melt the fat and tighten the skin.


Lasers are designed with a specific wave length. Some lasers target hemoglobin or red spots and some target melanin or brown spots. The makers of smart lipo thought they had found a wavelength that both targeted skin and fat. In truth, the smart lipo laser wavelength is close but it’s results fall short of what we see with plasma. The goal of skin tightening is delivering enough heat to the bottom layers of the skin to cause the collagen and elastin to tighten. Think about tightening loose shoelaces and trying to find the best way to tighten the knot.

Plasma is not a laser its actually ionized helium which is similar to the purple light that causes our hair to stand up at science museums. The unique aspect of plasma that makes it different from smart lipo or laser lipo is that it can deliver more heat to the bottom layers of the skin without causing a burn. This allows more skin contraction and a better overall result. Not only do we try to deliver the energy to the bottom layer of the skin we also try to deliver it to the connective tissue which are the connections between the skin and the underlying muscles. This has the effect of tightening similar to stepping on a sponge and causing the sponge to become thinner and tighter.

Smart lipo and laser lipo were excellent technologies that can still deliver good results in a skilled surgeon’s hand. However, most plastic surgeons and liposuction specialists are shifting their techniques. Plasma technology is used by a growing number of professionals to achieve more predictable and tighter results to help patients live their best life.

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