Weight Loss After Liposuction: Do You Lose Weight With Liposuction?


Weight Loss After Liposuction

“Do you lose weight with liposuction” is a question we get from almost every one of our patients. This question can be explained with two major points:

1. Liposuction is About Body Contouring, Not Weight Loss

When we think about dieting and exercise we really are discussing internal fat. Internal fat is the fat inside your abdomen around your organs. This is the fat that the is lost when more calories go out than come in which happens with dieting and exercise. This fat is the most important fat to lose as it’s the fat that will help your heart and will help make you healthier and extend your life.

The fat that is removed in liposuction is external fat or the fat that is under the skin. Ideally we remove stubborn fat that is genetically or hormonally (after pregnancy and age) designed to not leave your body. This is the fat that we target in liposuction.

The fat in this area is typically fluffier compared to internal weight. If you think about a room full of feathers and than you remove all the feathers the room will look very different but the weight of what is removed is not that much.female-abs-lipo-before-after

2. There Still is Fat Loss After Liposuction

Every drop of fat has 9 calories so the average person I do in my finesse liposuction practice will have around 1.5 Litres of fat removed. This means they will lose about 1500 cc or drops of fat or 15 000 calories. If 2500 calories equals a pound on the scale most people will lose 6-8 pounds from a simple liposuction procedure.

A few things to note:

  • After surgery the area where fat was removed will be replaced by scar tissue which acts like a sponge and soaks up water so after surgery many people for a week or two may actually weigh more than they did before surgery
  • With compression and lymphatic massage we will get the water weight off fast
  • We have designed a specific post operative nutrition plan to speed this process up

What I have noticed after 800 liposuction cases over the last two years is people who choose to take charge of their body with liposuction take charge of their lifestyle and tend to lose around 15 pounds with surgery because they have made an investment in themselves and continue with a healthy diet and exercise lifestyle after surgery!

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