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November 26, 2018
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Tips and Tricks for 2019 Weight Loss Resolutions

With 2019 just around the corner, many people are  thinking about their New Years resolutions. If you are one of the millions of Americans who would like to lose weight in 2019, you may have questions about things you’ve heard about, such as diet adjustments, over the counter weight loss supplements and prescription weight loss pills. Below we’ve outlined a few common questions we get at Neinstein Plastic Surgery.

Does ingesting extra protein add to weight loss?

When it comes to nutrition our bodies don’t simple digest protein, fats, and carbs but there is a complicated network of messages that each of these play between our hormone producing organs and our brains. Protein is the key component of building and sculpting our bodies when it comes to deciding on a nutrition plan. Protein does a great job compared to fat and carbs upregulating or making hunger reducing hormones and brain messages. Interestingly, when we eat our body uses some of the energy ingested as energy and stores some of the energy as fat. Protein has a higher percentage of energy used for digestion and regulating our body so less of the calories taken in are stored as fat. Since protein reduces appetite and is a better source of fuel a diet with protein will be more useful in loosing weight and sculpting and toning.

Does apple cider vinegar actually help people lose weight?

Recently, food-based bioactive ingredients, such as vinegar, have been proposed as a potential solution to overcome the global obesity epidemic. Acetic acid which is the main component of vinegar and gives it that memorable taste has been shown in multiple scientific studies to suppress the ability of the body to store fat. In addition to the control of daily calorie intake and a more active lifestyle, consuming diets or food with bioactive nutrients has been proposed as an effective solution to combat and even prevent obesity.

How does orlistat work?

Primary measures taken to control obesity like dietary restriction and exercise are met with short-term success and are often inadequate alone, therefore there is need for pharmacotherapy as adjunct to lifestyle changes in these patients. Most antiobesity drugs act on central nervous system to suppress appetite and reduce food intake, however, they can have serious cardiac side effects. Orlistat is new drug which blocks the breakdown of fat which reduces fat absorption from intestines. A recent study showed when orlistat was taken three times a day compared to placebo where the subjects had the exact same diet and exercise regimen the orlistat group lost 12 pounds more than the placebo group. The drug is well tolerated and safe but can have some gastrointestinal side effects like an upset stomach and frequent trips to the bathroom.

Can probiotics spurn weight loss?

The most frequent cause which leads to the obesity development is a dysbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Our stomachs of a natural amount of bacteria that promotes health and can contribute to appetite levels. Probiotics have physiologic functions that contribute to the health of gut environemnt, can affect food intake and appetite, body weight and composition and metabolic functions through modulating the type and quantity of the healthy bacteria in our guts.

Green tea extract — does it actually work for weight loss?

Green tea is one of the most common natural ingredients included in over-the-counter weight loss products available. Tea is one of the most popular beverages consumed worldwide. Tea, from the plant Camellia sinensis, is consumed in different parts of the world as green, black, or Oolong tea. Green tea has been shown to slightly help burn fat after meals and has been used for centuries to settle the stomach after dining. I suggest using it as an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle.