Before & After: Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction Before & After Photos

Many of us experience early signs of aging in our neck which can be troubling because it looks as though our neck does not match the rest of our body. With the increase in social media, we are all also in many more pictures than we once were and we see early changes in the neck being broadcasted. Neinstein Plastic Surgery has two strategies for neck contouring and liposuction. If there is extra skin and fat just in the middle of the neck, we can contour the area with a single incision under the chin. If total jaw line contouring and neck remodeling is needed, Dr. Neinstein adds tiny incisions where the earlobe meets the cheek because these incisions are impossible to see once healed. Our finesses technique limits downtime to about 48 hours, we ask people to wear the headband/wrap consistently for 48 hours than they can switch to wearing just at night so they may resume normal work and social activities