Lipo 360 in NYC

Lipo 360 in NYC

New York Lipo 360

Lipo 360 is a comprehensive liposuction procedure that targets multiple areas of body fat. The procedure essentially covers from the breast to the groin and all the way around. In terms of areas, it is considered to target the abdomen, waist, and lower back.

Lipo 360 is our most popular liposuction option at Neinstein Plastic Surgery. It is ideal for patients such as mothers who want to make dramatic changes to their body, or those seeking to look and feel their best by changing their core area.

The truth is, regardless of diet and exercise many of us store stubborn fat. This can make exercise less fun and fulfilling because we do not see the fruits of our labor. Commonly, we deposit this tough resistant fat in thee areas Lipo 360 targets.

The reason Lipo 360 is the most popular procedure at Neinstein Plastic Surgery in New York City is our relentless pursuit of knowledge in liposuction technology and liposuction techniques combined with the ability and knowhow to minimize anesthesia and recovery now allows us to give every patient a customized approach.

Neinstein Plastic Surgery has built on the foundation that makes Lipo 360 so popular. By focusing on one procedure, each and every staff member each and every day is focused on giving the best possible Lipo 360 outcome.

Lipo 360 Options

Standard Lipo 360

Athletic Lipo 360

For the patient committed to fitness with a strong muscle foundation we can help accentuate the hills and valleys of the muscular architecture during your procedure. For women we help create long lean athletic lines.

Liposuction and specifically liposculpting (our word for the addition of sculpting and tightening technology) is not a debulking or simply fat removal procedure. Our surgeons intimate knowledge of Vaser fat melting technology and J-Plasma skin tightening technology allows us to be “the final mile” for thin and fit patients. Fitness enthusiasts and many patients born with genetics that keep them lean have become some of our most common patients.

We tend to be very gentle on the fat removal and even use custom fat removal devices or cannulas that are the size of stir sticks. By keeping them super small and thin it allows our surgeons to go slow and almost cell by cell perform the Lipo 360. Dr Neinstein has authored many textbook chapters on the intricacies of Vaser and J-Plasma technology in Lipo 360. When he teaches surgeons from around the world on how to use Vaser and J-Plasma in Lipo 360 he goes into details about energy frequencies, energy physics, and specifically how to use them differently for each body type.


HD Lipo 360

HD Lipo 360 is the culmination of modern technology, custom instrumentation and finesse techniques. These advances have enabled us to take liposuction operations to a new level for the appropriate patients.

Cultural idea of physical attraction has evolved towards an athletic or fit body rather than super thin bodies. Healthy and fit for many women involves long lean lines not a washboard six pack. Our goal for all our patients is to give a toned, defined, athletic look.
Dr Neinstein who is a world expert in VASER (vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance) technology has worked and collaborated alongside his South American colleagues to help push the body sculpting technology to the next level. We are not able to selectively melt and sculpt fat around muscles to help give subtle feminine 3 dimensional expression of the abdomen.

For women with a strong underlying muscular framework and a commitment to fitness we will help bring out the long lean lines between muscles for a subtle but noticeable athletic look.
Yes, it can be in select patients
Vaser is the technology that uses ultrasound waves to selectively melt fat preparing it for sculpting and removal. After the fat has been numbed Vaser liposuction is used to selectively melt the fat above the ribs and between the muscles.
We use the revolutionary skin tightening technology JPLASMA from renuvion to help tighten the skin. Helium gas is passed through a tesla like device that converts the energy to ionized helium. Ionized helium gets very hot and helps tighten loose collagen bundles in the skin when the device is passed below the skin.

Lipo 360 with Neinstein Plastic Surgery in NYC

Lipo 360 uses Vaser Ultrasound technology to selectively melt body fat for easy removal. By melting the fat, surgeons can remove it more consistently, and with less trauma and force. Plasma technology can also be used through the same incisions to help tighten the skin after fat removal. As a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Safety Committee Dr. Neinstein believes Lipo 360 should only be performed by surgeons with their own team, and who perform the procedure frequently. This is because Lipo 360 is a large procedure that requires anesthesia, and a carefully coordinated effort for best results and safety.


The first step in having your Lipo 360 procedure is a consultation. Thorough virtual or in-person consultation, Dr. Neinstein or Dr. Chris will learn more about your goals and develop a plan. During the consultation your doctor will also explain minimally invasive and general anesthesia, and you will make a decision as which path you’d like to take.



Lipo 360 Procedure: Day of Surgery

Below is a step-by-step guide of what to expect on the day of your Lipo 360 procedure with Neinstein Plastic Surgery.

  1. We will ask you to bring your medications if you are not having general anesthesia and if you are having general anesthesia we ask you not to have anything to eat or drink the night before.
  2. Our Nurse Practitioners will call, email, and text you before the procedure with all the information you will need.
  3. Dr. Neinstein or Dr. Chris will mark you and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and review the markings.
  4. Once in the operating room our dedicated operating staff will introduce themselves to you.
  5. We begin the procedure by applying antiseptic to the areas to prevent infection and use sterile drapes to protect the area.
  6. Next we gently numb the areas with numbing fluid (also known as tumescent fluid); some people call minimally invasive liposuction “tumescent liposuction”
  7. Our first step is to melt the fat using Vaser ultrasound technology. We melt the deep fat just above the muscle, which allows for seamless fat removal and a smoother result with less trauma and thereby less downtime. The Vaser energy also contributes to tightening the collagen in your skin.
  8. After the fat melting we use microair power assisted liposuction cannulas to selectively and gently remove the fat. These small devices vibrate at the tip so less force is required and used. Again, this contributes to less tissue trauma and a better result with less downtime.
  9. In the final step of the procedure we use jplasma skin tightening technology. This unique and revolutionary use of ionized helium technology uniquely applies heat to the bottom of the skin to cause the collagen to tighten. We have found this to be more effective than other technologies such as Bodytite. Bodytite only uses radiofrequency energy. Plasma uses the same amount of radiofrequency energy to convert the helium gas into ionized helium so patients get the benefit of more tightening and more results.
  10. Following this step our staff reviews the post operative instructions and places you in a compression garment.


The first week following your procedure you will experience some bruising, swelling, and soreness. By the third week most patients start to see dramatic changes and are able to resume exercise and discontinue the compression garment.



Neinstein Plastic Surgery is committed to helping our NYC lipo 360 patients achieve the body they deserve. Learn more about what liposuction costs in New York City or contact us today to book your consultation with a specialist.
"I had Lipo 360 and minimally invasive neck Lipo yesterday. If I could give Dr. Neinstein 100 stars I would."
- C.M.

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