Before & After: Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos

Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck

About Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck

Interestingly since I have become a father and been completely humbled by it, Neinstein Plastic Surgery has become more and more dedicated to the changes that occur to a woman in pregnancy. From hormone changes that occur during pregnancy, to the physical changes that leave many women with loose skin, stubborn fat, and separated muscles (diastasis recti), these are areas I care about deeply.

While we always want to do the least amount of surgery to get patients where they want to be, many will need a version of the modern tummy tuck which will address all of these. For patients with wide muscles or diastasis recti but not a lot of loose skin, we typically perform my innovative Lipo 360 mini tuck using technologies and techniques I have developed in order to repair the muscles with a small incision.

Many moms with significant loose skin will require a full tummy tuck. Our whole team from the welcoming coordinators and surgical team, all the way to the aftercare specialists, consider this the ultimate surgery for moms and will make you feel loved and cared for in the process. The scars are long but we have so many amazing options to help conceal and fade them that the dramatic change in your appearance will make it worth it. No procedure is more remarkable and has more change in the self confidence and wellness in moms than a modern tummy tuck.

What Makes Our Approach Unique

We start these abdominoplasty procedures with Lipo 360 or liposuction of the abdomen and waist. We create the contour you seek and desire for a rejuvenated feminine appearance. Our goal is always athletic and elegant results not cartoonish or overly dramatized change.

Using Vaser has allowed us to get that final mile in tummy tucks because we are able to melt and tighten the areas that are not typically liposuctioned for safety. Dr. Neinstein has written extensively in academic papers and taught worldwide on this method.

Excess skin is then removed in an approach that is customized and tailored for the best appearance.

Recovery and After Care

Our after care for a tummy tuck is thorough, comprehensive, and meaningful. We ask you stay overnight in one of our partner hotels with one of our private nurses for comfort and safety. This allows me and the team to visit you personally and be there to make you feel comfortable and cared for.

The first week is typically very sore but we use Exparel, a three day long pain medication, to help reduce pain. This means you are up and walking faster, using less pain medications, and are healing faster.

We also use a drain, lipo foam, and special garments. The first week you may be a bit hunched over since we pull the skin very tight (its stretchy, so the second week you will be upright).

Expect to take 7-10 days off from going to work or 2-3 days off from virtual work.

I restrict exercise for a month and core exercise to your newly repaired diastsis recti to 8 weeks.

We start skinuva scar therapy at 2 weeks and offer laser therapy on the scars at 6 weeks.

This is a journey, an incredible journey and we are here for you. It is important to know you may have some ups and downs during this journey but with our open lines of communication we will help you at every step and make the resulting emotion glorious.