Plastic Surgery Over 50

Why You Should Consider Plastic Surgery after 50

A Few Thoughts on Safety

The Neinstein Method has been proven to safely and predictably make women over 50 happy. It happens every day and we have thousands of women just like you who made one easy decision to change the rest of their life for the better. Half of all of our patients are 50 years of age and older. Before you keep reading know this: it’s safe, it’s very safe, we would not do it every day if it was not safe. Do not let safety get in the way because we will not let it. In our surgical facility we always have two board certified anesthesiologist doctors. You don’t want one pilot on a plane and our unique setup is heavily designed to maximize safety. With two state-of-the-art operating rooms, we have complete control over the sterility (day and night teams), staff (hand picked from the best hospitals) and equipment (no expense spared, no bureaucracy to deal with when something better comes out like in hospitals or surgical centers (we just buy it immediately wherever in the world it is).

The Psychology and Philosophy of Plastic Surgery after 50

Before I dive into the details about surgery on women over 50 I want to share a little about the psychology and philosophy that have over arching themes for me and these patients who I deeply cherish.
  1. Life is mostly a journey and not a destination, so stop waiting until you get to some imaginary end point to maximize your joy out of life.
  2. Happiness for me as a surgeon and person is being able to make meaningful impact on others’ lives. What that means is all the sacrifice day in and day out – essentially forever to keep getting better at my craft and delivering that craft to the patients – pays memory dividends and creates positive feedback loops that are the engine to my life. With this in mind, patients can have ease of mind when choosing me and my practice.
50 year old mom of 5 after mommy makeover

Common Problems after 50

This page will help you affirm that this is the right decision if you are over 50 and have the following problems that need to be solved:

  1. Your body feels old but you don’t
  2. You have a muffin top of skin that sticks over your pants that won’t go away with diet and exercise
  3. When you do a plank your skin feels like its hitting the floor
  4. You have a closet full of clothes you love but hate to wear
  5. Your old breast implants don’t feel right and make you feel top heavy
  6. Your breasts are living on your stomach not your chest
  7. You are confused because you are thin and healthy but menopause changed your body

If these are problems and frustrations in your life then mommy makeover surgery can solve those problems so you can love your body and live your life.

These are the things that hold people back:

  1. Fear of the unknown
  2. Fear of recovery
  3. Fear of scars

Questions we get about these fears:

  1. Can I have a mommy makeover over 50?
  2. What is a menopause makeover?
  3. I never had kids is a tummy tuck too much?
  4. Am I too old for plastic surgery?

Don’t just listen to me – listen to the heartfelt stories of our patients who leave reviews so others can be guided (see Google, Yelp, Real Self for more reviews and stories).

How do you know if having plastic surgery after 50 is right for you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want the best life you can possibly have?
  2. Are you a happy and healthy person who has a zest for life?
  3. Do you typically want the best for yourself?
  4. Have you spent a significant portion of your life taking care of others and are ready to do something for yourself?

The most important two questions before joining our community (because we believe in relationships not transactions) at Neinstein Plastic Surgery, are:

  1. Do you exercise regularly and eat clean (relatively speaking; we all like a little this and that from time-to-time) but don’t get the results you used to get or want to get?
  2. When you look in the mirror does the body match the mind?

I have never met more healthy, vibrant, happy, funny, intelligent, and sophisticated people in my life than our 50, 60, and yes, 70 year old patients who now dominate our practice. I feel as though my life is becoming enriched by these meaningful long term relationships.

Why Procedures Like Menopause Makeovers, Tummy Tucks After 50, Beast Lifts After 50, and Menopause Belly Surgery Are Growing So Rapidly

  1. Women over 50 are healthier than ever and see no reason or road block to enjoying the next chapter of their lives
  2. Women over 50 are sophisticated in their logic and emotional decision making. Many have older children and have allocated resources to education, weddings, etc and are in a position to allocate time, energy, and financial resources to themselves

Menopause and how it drives plastic surgery over 50

Why is menopause so important to everyone? Well, it will effect 50% of the planet!

Menopause and aging is inevitable but suffering is optional

I am aging as well (shock) along with my patients; at the time of writing this in 2024 I am 42 years old. I have to eat so much cleaner, so much less, and exercise twice as much to hopefully get equivalent results to my early 30s for so much less effort. I have also had to face my own body changes that are resistant to diet and exercise. My hair thinned and fell out, my eyes drooped and the bags got heavier and more pronounced.

So what did I do?

Well, I want the best out of life so I sought out the best hair transplant surgeon in the world and the best blepharoplasty surgeon in the world and went and had it done. I had zero hesitation because I knew I was going to surgeons who specialize and were highly recommended by patients and other surgeons. Guess what? My life would have been great without plastic surgery. I still would have enjoyed watching my children blossom, but I have an extra confidence level, my mental fortress is stronger and more robust when I am more pleased and content with my appearance and the mind body connection is much stronger. Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and in turn the body responds in a more kind manner.

What Women Over 50 Seeking Plastic Surgery Tell Us About Menopause

Patients tell me they start to gain weight especially in their abdomen, some call this the menopause belly. If you never had children this causes fat accumulation and skin stretching similar to the process of pregnancy and those who have had children the effects are exacerbated. We see a lot of moms who loved the way they looked and felt in their 20s,30s, and even 40s after babies but feel the skin is too stretchy and the fat is too stuck on with the menopause process.

When women over 50 get frustrated by the weight gain associated with menopause they can really become extreme with caloric restriction and exercise in order to counter act the changes. However, there is so much more to the picture than calories in and calories out.

So What Really is Happening in Peri Menopause, Menopause, and Post Menopause

At any given moment 1/3 of the women in the world are in these non-optional stages and each one is having an individual unique expression of it. There are estrogen receptors on every cell of the body so its not just hot flashes and insomnia everything from skin to the heart to digestion can be affected.

The average age of menopause (one year after last menstrual period) is 51, which makes sense as this is the most common group we see seeking body plastic surgery.

  • Peri menopause: When the body recognizes decreasing estrogen levels and you become symptomatic, starts 7-10 years before menopause. You start to see less muscle mass, decrease sex drive, loosening of the skin.
  • Menopause: Women after the age of 45 who have not had a menses for a year (yes many other conditions can lead to menopause but this is the classic definition).
  • Post Menopause: The rest of your life (hot flashes and brain fog may go away) but the rest of the issues with skin stretching, muscle mass decrease continue.

We work closely with menopause specialists who coordinate hormone replacement therapy to help with the journey.

The Value of an Easy Decision

  • The internet is clunky and filled with a ton of information
  • You are information rich and time sensitive
  • Figuring out what to do and who to trust is so confusing you get paralysis by analysis

We worked backward with logic and emotion from what our patients actually said they wanted.

Our Practice

  1. Relationship based not transactional
  2. Hyper focused on the procedures you want so you don’t have to worry if the surgeon is the best of the best technically
  3. A team culture based in hospitality- we believe medicine doesn’t happen to you it happens for you
  4. Two things that patients always say they don’t just want but they need to make a decision- empathy and authority from their surgeon

This is really the thing that emotionally makes people at ease and unburdens the mind in the decision making process.

  • Our surgeons come and physically see you after surgery
  • Our surgeons and nurses are 24/7 accesible
  • Our patients have our own private nurses for the first few days of recovery so they don’t have to stress over medications, dressings, and the one that bothers everyone “is this normal”

Surgery Can Be Special

Why not have the best possible surgery in the iconic Bergdorf Goodman building, recover in luxury overlooking central park at one of our partner hotels with nurses whose whole job is to make you comfortable?


Here is a list of the procedures we offer for women over 50, you can combine most of them. We keep all surgery under 6 hours and we will tell you what combinations are safe. There is no difference in safety between one minute of anesthesia and 6 hours.

Tummy Tuck

Our distinct and proven tummy tuck method allows women to enjoy their bodies and their wardrobes all over again and hopefully better than ever. We tighten muscles, remove extra skin, and sculpt the body. No single operation improves the lives of women over 50 more than tummy tucks.


The procedure is performed in the office in our state of the art surgical facility and our patients recover with our private after care nurses at one of our partner hotels (The Plaza, The Pierre, or The Ritz)

What Tummy Tuck Healing is Really Like for Women Over 50.

If I told you this was going to be a nothing recovery you wouldn’t believe me. The first week sucks, you are bent in half, leaking, have drains coming out and in general swollen sore and miserable. Now, with over 5000 cases I have yet to have one woman call me and say it wasn’t worth it but I tell the truth and state the facts. Our advanced methods and techniques get better more comprehensive and natural results but the price you pay for that is downtime. Our after care nurses are not babysitters or companions they are there to ensure safety and comfort and to remove all burden from your husband or partner because there is a matrix of medication, positioning, garments, incision management systems that all need to be coordinated. We are detail focused because surgery is a million details working in harmony. Its your body but its our work and we take our work seriously. I don’t believe in doing major surgery and sending people home and hoping it turns out ok. For the first two weeks after surgery we are the most important and influential people in your life… what I mean is your surgeon and nursing team are always in contact.

The biggest mistake I see in the aftercare at other practices is a cookie cutter approach without the surgeon and nurse practitioners (advanced degree) being active. No two women are the same everyone needs a custom approach to garments, washing, bathing, medication, positioning, and this approach changes daily. You can have a tummy tuck and be sent home no big deal but trust me than it will be no big deal. Your tummy tuck should be a big deal!

  • First Week: You are basically useless and bent over and need help everyday
  • Second Week: You are walking bentover without assistance
  • Third to Fourth Week: Start to come back to normal life

Food for Thought for Those After 50 for Tummy Tuck Recovery

Here is what I notice, the first two weeks after surgery for my patients over 50 are actually much better than my patients under. Now I think this is because people over 50 are less dramatic and are in general pretty well adjusted to changes and chaos. They really just go with the flow and listen. They also typically don’t have the burden of having a bunch of little kids at home. That being said the after two week recovery tends to be a bit delayed. I find the soreness and swelling tend to last a little longer maybe a few extra months.

We let our patients start exercising (except core) at 6 weeks. At 6 weeks I specifically ask people to walk on a treadmill at an incline, this will gently start engaging the core but not aggressively. I ask for high rep low weight arm and leg exercised. Our aesthetic tends to attract those looking for long lean elegant lines. Arm circles with 3-5 pound weights and lunges bring it all together. We do allow light peloton or cycling but I don’t want people tapping back or jumping in and out of their seats until 12 weeks. Once we hit the 12 week mark we allow patient to do resisted core which is what most patients want to do. This means Pilates, kettle bell, medicine ball, bosu ball, trx, and yoga.

I am an exercise enthusiast I love the fashion , the ritual, and the feeling you get with the endorphin release. These are shared interests and values with our patients and the combination of the best possible tummy tuck in the world and a runway of exercise allows patients over 50 to look better than they have ever in their whole life.

Revision Tummy Tuck

If you follow us on social media you will see at least 2-3 times a week we are performing revision tummy tucks. Most of these patients are over 50. Perhaps at the time of their tummy tuck things were performed well to that time in history standards but it did not age well. Most of the time the tummy tuck was simply not performed at the level that is acceptable to the patient regardless of age. Creating harmony of the torso with sculpting, muscle repair, and skin removal is not easy. Its something that is learned through passionate repetition. This is such an interlaced complicated procedure that I would guess you need to perform a minimum of 200 a year for a decade in order to get enough nuanced positive feedback loops to be able to understand the flows and limitations of tissue adjustment. If it sounds complicated it is. It requires the PHd level thinking of an engineer with a master artist hand eye coordination. Its not just what happens in the operating room its everything before and after. It’s a symphony of preparation and protection and enhancement. You may be starting to realize the depths my methods have gone too. This is not an operation it’s a calling. My method which is trained in detail to my associates allows us to help more woman get the body they want to live the life they deserve.

Number one reason I do revision tummy tucks in women over 50 is the scar is too high. It just grinds my gears to see a high scar that elongates the pubic area. If you add some weight fluctuations and menopause you can get some really odd looking shapes. Its really upsetting. These patients need help they need harmony restored. They lack comfort and confidence.

After the abnormal position of the scar we find the scar wasn’t long enough to accomplish the goal of the patient. Women often come in grabbing their waist and lower back thinking its fat but its really extra loose skin from menopause or weight loss or both that has gotten stretchier since their original tuck or was never addressed in the first place. In these scenarios I am usually converting the tuck to a circumferential tuck which is an absolute game changer and patients don’t care about the scar at all.

The tummy is usually combined with breast surgery, we can safely and predictably do these at the same time for patients of any age who are healthy and cleared by their physicians remember we screen people thoroughly and take no chances before we go to to the operating room!

Breast Surgeries we Typically Perform with our Tummy Surgery
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Lift with implants
  • Breast Lift with implants and internal bra
  • Breast Lift with implants and internal bra and fat grafting for custom cleavage
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Implant removal with Breast Lift
  • Implant removal with Breast Lift and fat grafting
  • Implant exchange for smaller with Breast Lift
  • Implant exchange for smaller with Breast Lift and internal bra
  • Implant exchange for smaller with Breast Lift and internal bra and fat grafting for cleavage
  • Implant removal alone
  • Fat grafting to breast alone
  • Fat grafting to breast that already has an implant
  • Revision breast reduction
  • Revision breast lift

As you can see, we have a lot of tools in the tool box for when it comes to breast surgery but the over arching concept is mind body connection we will work with you to come up with a plan to ensure we achieve your idea and concept of how you want to look and feel for interacting with the world.

How we Rethink Incision Management for Breast and Body Surgery

We understand incisions and scars are top of mind for our patients so we have added two innovative tools for optimal scar healing, because plastic surgery does not end in the operating room. You can learn more about our approach to incision management here.

Our Commitment to You

What truly unifies us as a practice is our commitment to each other and to the happiness and experience of the patient. It’s not an operation to us or just another patient, it’s the opportunity to create a memorable experience for someone making a memorable decision to change their life.

We believe that plastic surgery or medicine in general can be just as warm and welcoming as any other service based experience where people truly understand and care about you. Our concierge team will help you with our unique and warm recovery process that has every detail, nook, cranny, and everything that you cant even begin to imagine figured out so you can enjoy the experience as you change your life.

We work with a select group of hotels, nursing agencies, drivers, chefs, pharmacies, masseuses, who work collectively for your enhanced results and enjoyable experience regardless of where you live in the world, near and far we cant wait to welcome you into our family/community of likeminded dreamers.


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