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Meet Nurse Tara

Head Nurse & Injectables  Specialist

Nurse Tara has been working alongside the prestigious surgeons at Neinstein plastic surgery for over 5 years and has become an integral part of Neinstein Plastic Surgery’s fabric and ongoing legacy. Nurse Tara grew up in the tri-state area, graduating from Moravian College and following graduation pursued her first job as an operating room nurse at St. Luke’s University Hospital. Nurse Tara thrives in the fast-paced environment that is Neinstein Plastic Surgery, and her critical thinking skills combined with her calm demeanor and strong nursing skills have allowed her to create long lasting bonds with each surgical and injectables patients she sees. As a lifelong learner, and future educator, Nurse Tara is also actively pursuing her Masters degree as a Nurse Practitioner and is often asked to train and teach alongside other industry leading injectors.

Working in Plastic Surgery and as a seasoned injector has been a lifelong dream for Nurse Tara. Initially Joining the Neinstein Plastic Surgery Team as Dr. Neinstein’s head nurse, Nurse Tara started by assisting Dr. Neinstein closely in complex surgical procedures in the OR. Starting from the ground up, Nurse Tara truly learned and understands the depths, nuances, and intricacies of body contouring and mommy makeover surgery.

With the ability to see and treat the patient with a holistic and well-rounded approach, Nurse Tara was able to bring her skills from inside the operating room into the exam chair during post-ops and in her injectables room. She truly has an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the post operative process and can customize the post operative experience for each individual patient, just as she does for injectable patients as well.

Nurse Tara’s philosophy is that aesthetics and injectables is far from a cookie cutter experience. Nurse Tara exemplifies the qualities of an amazing injector by being able to accurately assess a face, look at the patient’s lines, angles and contours and discuss with each patient what goals are achievable with the non-surgical approach she suggests. Nurse Tara has the eye for precision, symmetry and the subtle yet spectacular beauty of each patient, thriving in the one-on-one environment she has created to have important intimate conversations with patients to ensure each patient leaves the injectables chair looking and feeling their best.

Once a Jersey girl, Nurse Tara now has an ongoing love affair with the magic of New York City. She enjoys living her life to the fullest, her interests include fashion and fitness and resides on the Upper East Side in NYC with her beloved husband Mike and cavapoo Holly.

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