Tummy Tuck and BBL at the Same Time?

Can You Have a Tummy Tuck and BBL at The Same Time?

We frequently receive the call asking us if a Brazilian butt lift can be done at the same time as a tummy tuck?

The answer is yes, a BBL or Brazilian butt lift can be safely performed at the same time as a tummy tuck butt (see what I did there ) there are some important details you must understand.

The other reason why it’s a yes with us is because of safety.

  • You can’t do a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift and go home alone, you need dedicated after care private specialty nursing
  • You need blood thinners at surgery and after surgery to ensure no blood clots
  • You need a team of surgeons, nurses, anesthesia docs who do this everyday too

So what is a tummy tuck and what is a Brazilian butt lift?

During a tummy tuck procedure three things are happening. We are sculpting/lipousctioning the stubborn areas in the abdomen, waist, back, arms, legs, lateral chest along with tightening the diastasis recti and removing extra skin. This is commonly performed post babies or post menopause or post weight loss.

Here is the deal with tummy tuck: to get rid of the loose skin we literally bend the patient forward a lot, so for two weeks you are bent over and lying on your butt. Therefore, theoretically, it would be hard to do a Brazilian butt lift at the same time.

Our patients are walking bent over and when lying have their knees up and back up after a tummy tuck. Again, we are able to do bigger more complicated procedures because we have the team members, skill, facilities, and after care programs to ensure success. You need 24 hour care after this procedure to ensure safety and comfort and our surgeons want to see you daily. Surgery is a big deal our practice takes it incredibly serious with huge pride. For us the operation happens than the work begins, its not just safety it’s a relationship based on trust and love. Our patients are the most important people in the world to our team and we know they have families they love. We don’t do surgery and say see you later we create an experience that allows you to be stress free so you can heal and get going on having the body you want for the life you deserve.

Our aftercare teams along with my team will transfer you from our facility to your hotel room or close by apartment. They will start integrating our medication, drain, movement, garment, position, food, ambiance, healing program. You can rest assured that they are measuring and monitoring everything. There is a lot of moving parts so even when your partner is a plastic surgeon and we operate on a lot of plastic surgeons’ wives.

Ok, I get it,  you have to lay on your bum after a tummy tuck. So how can you safely do a Brazilian butt lift at the same time?

Thanks to the inventions of the bbl pillow/blow up bed we are now able to transfer fat at the same time as having a tummy tuck and safely have the patient recover in a position that is safe for the tummy tuck and the bbl.

The reason we do so many Brazilian butt lifts at the time of tummy tucks, circumferential tummy tucks or body lifts is that so many patients are deflated in the bum from loose skin.

As we enter the era where so many more circumferential tummy tucks are being done because our patients are not just losing weight after babies and from exercise but are turbocharging the weight loss with Ozempic, Mounjaro or any of those medications the buttocks are flat and deflated.

Here are two moms who both lost a lot of weight post babies. They exercise a ton and eat clean – one is from Miami and one is from San Francisco and they both wanted a long lean elegant figure that they had in their youth and asked if we could give them a little tush at the same time (aka a Brazilian butt lift) because they felt the bum was totally deflated.

Some Thoughts on BBL

I want to be very clear – in our office our aesthetic is a more elegant and beautiful look. We do not make huge exaggerated bums. We make youthful perky bums that blend with our long lean elegant aesthetic.

Here is an example of one of our patients after having fat transfer to the buttock:

Lets see what one of our weight loss moms looks like after her circumferential tummy tuck with fat transfer to the buttock via Brazilian butt lift:

Plan on not putting pressure on the bum for about 4-6 weeks. This means sleeping on the bbl bed and avoiding sitting on the bum unless in a car or in the bathroom for obvious safety reasons.

We also ask you not to starve the fat in your bum- you don’t need to over eat or over add calories after a brazilian butt lift especially an elegant one with your tummy tuck but you do need to make sure you are eating enough so all the new transferred fat does not melt away. We will expect some loss but not too much!

To get an awesome butt after your Brazilian butt lift with or without a tummy tuck expect us to be on you for a solid workout regime and watch the butt grow and shape over the next year. Since we are a relationship based practice we will be part of your life and your life will involve exercise!

Here is one of our LA patients showing us how to protect and enhance your Brazilian butt lift results.

Lets take a look at a mother of 3 from New Jersey who is a very conservative but super fun mom at her tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift combination surgery over a year.

I always warn everyone that on the table and after surgery you are going to thing the butt is huge but that’s normal and its just swelling.

Here she is a year later: she feels comfortable at school pick up, at the country club and dancing on tables on vacation with her husband!


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