Out of Town Patients

Patient Fly In Program

With a growing number of patients traveling from countries such as Russia, Middle East and England to be seen by Dr. Neinstein for primary or revision liposuction procedures, Neinstein Plastic Surgery has created a patient Fly In Program.

Fly In Program Sequence of Events

To visit Neinstein Plastic Surgery from abroad, patients must follow the following sequence:

  1. Email pictures to Dr. Neinstein
  2. Fill out an online medical questionnaire provided by Neinstein Plastic Surgery
  3. Attend a Skype consultation
  4. Plan date of liposuction procedure
  5. In the days leading up to your surgery you will meet with Dr. Neinstein to review the surgical plan. You will also see our internist Dr. Horovitz for a full medical evaluation to ensure your safety.
  6. Surgery day: patients stay at Neinstein Plastic Surgery’s partner hotel The Surrey, in one of our designated recovery suites with a private duty nurse. Patients will experience all the same amenities of a boutique hotel with the facilities of a hospital. This hotel is one block from Neinstein Plastic Surgery and Lenox Hill Hospital Manhattan’s premier hospital.
  7. Dr. Neinstein with follow up daily with you in the hotel.
  8. You will have nursing and massage therapy visit you in your hotel suite.
  9. All of your medications, garments and nutrition supplements will be brought to you.
  10. Our team can organize dining , entertainment, and transportation for family.
  11. You will need to stay one week to minimize all risks and will be sent home with extra garments, scar care and everything else you will need to heal.


For more questions about Neinstein Plastic Surgery’s Patient Fly In program, please call 212.249.0949 or contact our team.