Patient Stories: Plastic Surgery Over 60

By Dr. Neinstein

Plastic Surgery Over 60

You have a problem: you can’t fit into the clothes you want to wear, diet and exercise does not seem to fix it, but you don’t know what to do.

You may think, “I’m over 60, I’m too old for plastic surgery”.

Guess what?

This 64 year old mom felt just like you, “I hate the way I look.”

This 67 year old mom felt just like you: “I hate the way I look.”

So what did they do?

They asked their trusted doctors if they knew anyone who could fix them. Both of their facelift surgeons referred them to me “yes, one guy I like for this, I trust him 100%”. Almost every patient are referrals from patients or surgeons or other doctors. We all like trusted referrals, it makes our lives easier.

Side note: our team earns these referrals every minute of every day and we never stop trying to reinforce the trust.

Plastic Surgery Over 60: Is this really for me?

Common traits in our 60 plus patients:

  • Vibrant
  • Full of life
  • Family oriented
  • Funny
  • Fitness enthusiast

How did they feel after surgery?

“…feeling better than ever and I love my body in and out of clothes”

What does plastic surgery over 60 do?

Creates happiness, joy, and confidence.

Women Over 60 and Thriving

Our 64 year old thriving: “I have not worn a bikini in a decade.”

Our 67 year old thriving: Wearing a dress she has not worn since 1992 at her 37th wedding anniversary

On the beach and loving life