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With the recent worldwide recall on certain types of breast implants over fears of serious medical consequences, our patients are asking for a safer and more natural way to boost and enhance the breasts.

At Neinstein Plastic Surgery, we are always trying to create procedures that complement and enhance the lives of our patients. We have previously used advances in technology and techniques to remove stubborn fat and tighten skin with almost no downtime or scars.


We are now offering natural breast boosting surgery which varies dramatically from implant-based augmentation.

Firstly, it’s your own natural tissues. This on its own brings peace of mind to a lot of women. The idea of foreign material inside of your body is just not for everyone. There is no incision, the implants don’t have to be monitored with MRI, and they don’t have to be replaced.

This procedure really gets the best of both worlds as patient experience the sculpting in one area and the desired enhancement in the other. Dr. Neinstein’s innovative instrumentation and processing techniques allow for breast shaping compared to just adding a single volume from an implant.

Patients with a strong family history of breast cancer should speak with a breast surgeon before undergoing this procedure. Approximately 80% of the volume lasts indefinitely and does not interfere with breast feeding.

The procedure can be done at the same time as minimally invasive liposculpting and adds little downtime.



  1. Advanced liposculpting- you get the benefit of Dr Neinstein’s expertise and innovation
  2. Your fat is purified and re-injected into the breast
  3. Small amounts can be done with minimally invasive methods, large amounts typically general anesthesia
  4. Virtually scarless
  5. 3 days off of work typically and 3 weeks before breast swelling and sensation settle

Most woman should expect half to a full cup increase but shape can be changed as well

If you are very thin we can do the procedure every 6-8 months and slowly build the breast up to the desired shape and size.

Additional Resources

The following studies found in leading medical journals further illustrate the safety of the breast fat grafting techniques used in breast boost procedures.


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Neinstein Plastic Surgery is committed to helping each and every patient achieve the body they deserve. Please contact us today to book your consultation with a breast and liposuction specialist who will examine you and discuss pricing and payment options for our natural breast boost procedure.

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