Before & After: Calf & Ankle Liposuction

Calf and Ankle Liposuction Before & After

Female Calf and Ankle Liposuction Photos

Calf & Ankle Liposuction with Neinstein Plastic Surgery in NYC

Why do people have fat calves , ankles, or cankles?

Many people can have low body fat percentages but that low percentage is stuck in areas. At Neinstein Plastic Surgery we see a lot of patients who feel they have fat calves, fat ankles, or so called cankles. Typically women will desire an inverted champagne bottle look to their calves and ankles where it tapers about a one third down from the knee to a slim ankle. Many patients feel as though their calf and ankle are one and that it looks like a tree trunk and there is no difference between the calf and ankle

Why does fat calves and fat ankles bother women?

Many patients do not fee comfortable wearing skirts, dresses, bathing suits because of the shape and appearance of their calves and ankles. They also feel as though they have difficulty wearing certain boots.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to calf reduction?

Some patients are born with genetically large calf muscles and do not have much fat at all in these scenarios we inject neurotoxin to slim down the muscle

How is calf and ankle liposuction performed?

The Neinstein Method involves placing small incisions around the knee and the ankles. We then, under minimally invasive conditions or under general anesthesia depending on patient preference, put numbing fluid into the fatty areas. Dr. Neinstein’s customs program uses low level Vaser ultrasound energy to melt this stubborn fat and tiny custom made curves cannulas the size of stir sticks to artistically remove the excess fat to give beautiful calves and ankles.

Why do many plastic surgeons not offer calf and ankle liposuction?

If you are not familiar with the intricate anatomy and do not have the custom tiny instruments required to perform the procedure you would not be able to offer the procedure as traditional liposuction techniques and instruments do not work in these areas.

Calf And Ankle Liposuction recovery

At the end of the procedure you will notice you are leaking numbing fluid. This happens because we leave the tiny incisions open to get the numbing fluid out. We ask patients to wear compression socks for 6 weeks as much as possible and keep their legs elevated by putting them up a wall for 30min three times a day for a week. We often add blood thinners to mitigate blood clots.

“Calf and ankle liposuction brings so much joy and happiness to patients who never contemplated liposuction and always thought they were stuck with their genetically stubborn fat calves and ankles.”

– Dr. Neinstein

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