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Tummy Tucks, or abdominoplasty, are one of our core procedures at Neinstein Plastic Surgery. Interestingly, since becoming a father and having been completely humbled by it, Dr. Neinstein has steered  Neinstein Plastic Surgery to become more and more dedicated to the changes that occur to a woman in pregnancy. From hormone changes, to the physical changes that leave many women with loose skin, stubborn fat, and separated muscles (diastasis recti), these are areas we care about deeply.

Many moms with significant loose skin will require a full tummy tuck. Our whole team from the welcoming coordinators and surgical team, all the way to the aftercare specialists, consider this the ultimate surgery for moms and will make you feel loved and cared for in the process. The scars are long but we have so many amazing options to help conceal and fade them that the dramatic change in your appearance will make it worth it. No procedure is more remarkable and has more change in the self confidence and wellness in moms than a modern tummy tuck.


Tummy Tuck with Neinstein

What Makes Our Approach Unique

Our tummy tuck procedure is performed at Neinstein Plastic Surgery’s state-of-the-art surgical facilities in Manhattan. Tummy tuck procedures with liposuction take approximately two hours and fifteen minutes. With breast surgery we expect the procedure to take 4 hours. No surgery that is elective should ever exceed 6 hours.

We start the abdominoplasty procedure with Lipo 360 or liposuction of the abdomen and waist. We create the contour you seek and desire for a rejuvenated feminine appearance. Our goal is always athletic and elegant results not cartoonish or overly dramatized change.

Using Vaser has allowed us to get that final mile in tummy tucks because we are able to melt and tighten the areas that are not typically liposuctioned for safety. Dr. Neinstein has written extensively in academic papers and taught worldwide on this method.

Excess skin is then removed in an approach that is customized and tailored for the best appearance.

Types of Tummy Tuck

  • Skin Only Tummy Tucks: typically used for men and patients who have lost a lot of weight but not had diastasis recti from pregnancy.
  • Mini Tuck: typically for patients with very minimal loose skin and a belly button that sits above the hip bones, we don’t want to pull the belly button to far down because it will look odd being too close to the vagina.
  • Full Tummy Tuck: most common for women who have had children where we remove excess skin that was stretched from pregnancy. The scar is usually hip to hip but low and is hidden in underwear and bikini.
  • Extended Tummy Tuck: for some women who have had several pregnancies or those with a history of weight loss (more than 50lbs) typically. The incision will extend past the hips.
  • Double Reverse Tummy Tuck: we use this procedure to help women who have some extra loose skin in their upper abdomen. Our incision is kept in the crease or the fold of the breast and can usually incorporate previous breast augmentation scars. This procedure does not include a scar that crosses the midline as the traditional reverse abdominoplasty did.
  • Circumferential Tummy Tuck: this procedure is becoming more and more popular amongst our South American colleagues where they continue the tummy tuck scar all the way around. This is to remove excess skin just above the buttock. It is less popular in North America and is usually considered to be a body lift and used in massive weight loss patients.

Recovery And After Care

Our after care for a tummy tuck is thorough, comprehensive, and meaningful. We ask you stay overnight in one of our partner hotels with one of our private nurses for comfort and safety. This our team to visit you personally, and be there to make you feel comfortable and cared for.

The first week of recovery is typically very sore but we use Exparel, a three day long pain medication, to help reduce pain. This means you are up and walking faster, using less pain medications, and are healing faster.

We also use a drain, lipo foam, and special garments. The first week you may be a bit hunched over since we pull the skin very tight (its stretchy, so the second week you will be upright).

Expect to take 7-10 days off from going to work or 2-3 days off from virtual work.

I restrict exercise for a month and core exercise to your newly repaired diastsis recti to 8 weeks.

We start skinuva scar therapy at 2 weeks and offer laser therapy on the scars at 6 weeks.

This is a journey, an incredible journey and we are here for you. It is important to know you may have some ups and downs during this journey but with our open lines of communication we will help you at every step and make the resulting emotion glorious.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin in the abdomen.

In most patients we start with liposuction to sculpt the silhouette to establish long lean elegant lines and then we repair stretched or torn muscles (known as the diastasis recti) and remove excess skin.

Dr. Neinstein, along with other colleagues around the world, has helped modernize the mini tuck which is limited to patients with minimal loose skin and a distasis recti. The mini tuck is a highly technical procedure that involves a special sewing instrument so Dr. Neinstein and the surgeons on his team can sew the abdominal muscles from the pubic area all the way to the ribs from small incisions. This is combined with elegant sculpting. At your consultation the best option for you will be discussed.

Yes, we call this the mommy makeover and its our number one procedure. We love and cherish for the confidence that is unleashed in our patients.

Yes, when tummy tucks were created it was thought that liposuction would impair the blood supply to the skin. Good data and several studies have taught us where the blood supply is and how it works. That being said, the liposuction has to be done tactically and strategic to preserve the blood supply to the skin.

At Neinstein Plastic Surgery we believe that simple skin removal does not recreate the long lean elegant silhouette our patients are looking for and therefore finesse liposuction is always performed when needed.

When the baby grows and descends in the patient the body makes hormones that causes the muscles to separate which allows more space in the birth canal. Many patients will have the muscles come back several months after pregnancy but with large babies or several pregnancies the muscles will stay apart and this will cause bulging of the abdomen that is not just unsightly but uncomfortable as well.

We are rapidly gaining knowledge about how to reconstruct the muscles. Traditional teaching as to sew the rectus abdominus or the up and down muscles together. This is true for many but not all. We like to repair all the muscles needed to restore the core aesthetically and functionally. Dr. Neinstein also believes that many women will have their muscles stretched and elongated and actually need a horizontal or folding of the muscles along with rectus and oblique repairs to prevent continued bulging in the abdomen.

We use Exparel which is a 3 day long numbing on every patient, this dramatically reduces the amount of pain from the muscles repairs and allows patients to get up and moving.

We ask patients to plan a full week where they are focused on themselves and recovering

Week 1- resting, walking in room-floor-lobby

Week 2- resume normal activities at a low or slow pace

Week 3- resume normal pace

Week 4- exercise except core


At Neinstein Plastic Surgery our goal is the shortest scar possible but as long as needed to get the job done. For details on how Dr. Neinstein teaches around the world on how to make, draw, plan, and perform the scar please see our blog https://neinsteinplasticsurgery.com/blog/dr-neinstein-on-tummy-tuck-scar-revisions/

Patients are on a work book schedule of walking, eating, drinking, medication, massages in order to heal as fast as possible. It’s a time our team will be interacting daily with the patient. Many take a full week to be standing upright.

No, we bring your old belly button out a new opening that is made custom for you to natural.

Yes all patients will have blood thinners to prevent blood clots.

Yes, we believe in belts and suspenders meaning we use all available surgical techniques to reduce swelling and fluid accumulation and we add a drain for safety. Our procedures are comprehensive meaning because we do so many we know where the edges are and how you can push the tissues. We want the max results for our patients.

I cannot rave enough on how amazing and outstanding I found Dr. Neinstein to be. He came highly recommended to me by a friend which was a Godsend. I met with other doctors for consults & no one comes even close to his bedside manner in its entirety
- D.S.

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