Lymphatic Drainage Massage in NYC

Lymphatic Drainage Massage in NYC

New York Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Healing from liposuction surgery is physical and emotional. To address our patients’ recovery process from a holistic approach, Neinstein Plastic Surgery offers alternative wellness therapies, such as lymphatic drainage massage, that blend seamlessly with mainstream medicine. The treatment is so effective it has even been featured in Bloomberg.

Our NYC lymphatic therapists are licensed, internationally recognized manual lymphatic drainage specialists. The treatment they provide starts soon after surgery. It is a gentle, relaxing, powerful technique that helps eliminate swelling and allows patients to heal faster.

Our therapists couple lymphatic drainage massage with aromatherapy and integrated meditative techniques used to guide patients through a deeper restorative healing process. Scientific data has shown these mindful practices are highly effective for speeding up the post operative recovery rate. Studies have also proven this style of meditation to be beneficial for pain management on various levels.


More About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage NYC

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