Breast Augmentation in NYC: Costs

Introduction to Breast Augmentation in NYC

**Note: all costs are approximations and are subject to change based on each patient’s individual anatomy.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery can be confusing and difficult to find for patients who are looking at breast augmentation surgery in Manhattan, New York, New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut. Like most things in life understand the cost can help people in their own decision algorithm for breast augmentation surgery to decide if this is appropriate for them at the current stage in their life and if they are ready for breast augmentation surgery what types of costs, financing options can they expect from the surgery itself and the costs that may be associated with breast augmentation surgery that may not be so obvious.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery in Manhattan

Breast shape and size can be augmented with breast implants, fat, or the combination of the two. Most commonly is breast implants. Implants come in two main types saline and silicone. Virtually all of the breast augmentation patients in New York, Manhattan, Connecticut, Long Island, and New Jersey receive silicone gel breast implants. Silicone gel breast implants are the most natural when it comes to look and feel.


What goes into the cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery in New York?

Consultation Fee

The initial stage of breast augmentation surgery will be to meet with a surgeon. You may get a referral from your physician, a friend, or find someone on your internet or social media research that seems to connect with you and you would like to explore that relationship. The consultation is very important not just to learn the granular technical parts of your breast augmentation surgery but to see if you click and establish a rapport with the surgeon and their office staff. At Neinstein Plastic Surgery Dr. Neinstein has created a culture and core principles that are focused on patient care through the lens of a hospitality service. Dr. Neinstein believes that health care should happen for the patient and not to the patient. It is important that the office is organized with their scheduling and intake paperwork. You should get a clear sense of who is in the office and their specific roles. At Neinstein Plastic Surgery for breast augmentation consultations your initial contact will be our patient concierge team. This is the hospitality team that will answer your phone call, email, internet inquiry, social media inquiry or call you if you book a consultation on line. Their job is to show warmth, compassion, and also excite you for your breast augmentation journey. They can answer questions about costs, financing, etc before you even schedule your breast augmentation consultation. This clarity alleviates confusion and establishes trust.

Consultation fees. It is important at Neinstein Plastic Surgery that we have a large team of dedicated individuals to the patient experience. The cost of the consult will be applied to the surgery should you go forward with breast augmentation surgery at Neinstein Plastic Surgery. We feel as though the fee establishes a level of commitment by the patient to learning about the process and also reduces the no-show rate which is common for free consultations for breast augmentation surgery.

Which surgeon should I choose to meet with at Neinstein Plastic Surgery for my breast augmentation surgery?

Dr. Anna Steve is our dedicated breast surgery specialist and many patients who want breast surgery alone will choose Dr. Anna as their surgeon. If you are looking at combining the operation such as with a lipo360, BBL or a mommy makeover you will likely choose Dr. Funderburk or Dr. Neinstein. All of our surgeons perform breast augmentation surgery but the pricing for breast augmentation surgery is different for each surgeon.

What Does a Quote for Breast Augmentation Surgery Look Like?

A breast augmentation quote from the surgical coordinator should include cost of implants, facility fee, anesthesia fee, and surgeon fee.


We only use board certified anesthesia doctors. Dr. Neinstein and the other premier plastic surgeons on the Upper East Side have cultivated a group of the best anesthesia doctors. These doctors are not just popping in on the day of surgery they are extremely experienced with out patient plastic surgery with the best plastic surgeons in New York and are also familiar with Neinstein Plastic Surgery. Having the surgical team and the anesthesia team in sync as you will see helps continue the culture of safety and excellence in the operating room. This anesthesia fee is directly for the anesthesia doctors time and best in class anesthesia equipment and medication.

Surgeon Fee for Breast Augmentation Surgery

This is not just the fee for the actual technical component of the breast augmentation surgery but is inclusive of all your follow ups, phone calls, emails, and texts with the surgeon. Unlike a lawyer who bills you incrementally for each and every contact point a surgeon will charge one fee and that will be all inclusive. This fee for breast augmentation surgery will have the most variability.

What are other costs that I may have that may not be in the quote?

A few things to think about before having breast augmentation surgery:

  • Size Change: this is a tricky one. Every office will be very different in the way they approach this. Some will charge as if it is a whole new operation which means if you did not like your breast augmentation surgery you are now paying double and still may not be happy. Most offices will just charge for the new implants and anesthesia.
  • Medical Clearance, Mammograms, and Bloodwork:  your insurance carrier may cover this but expect a fee for medical clearance and blood work if it does not.
  • Surgical bras are about $65 at Neinstein Plastic Surgery we include the garments but not all practices do so be sure to ask.
  • Complications: bleeding can happen, it is very rare but most insurance carriers will not cover the hospital costs if you had to have emergency surgery in the middle of the night. It is important to ask your surgeon before breast implant surgery what the emergency plan is. For instance if the surgeon has their own surgical center are they able to do an emergency operation? If they can there may not be another cost for you.
  • Revision Surgery for Capsular Contracture or Implant Malposition or Breast Droop: all patients who have breast implants will likely have another operation at some point in their lives. Most will have it many years later and may want a breast implant size change with or without a lift because pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes have changed the look and feel of their breasts. Some women will need an operation sooner because they are having a problem with their breast implants. These types of operations will typically be a whole new surgery so it is important before having breast augmentation surgery to step back and really decide if you are in a financial position where if you have a problem with the implant are you going to be able to correct it without much financial stress.

At Neinstein Plastic Surgery we have a strong sense of purpose and an energetic passion for enhancing the lives of our patients. We are grateful for the time you took to read this and we absolutely look forward to being an inflection point on your breast augmentation journey. Please contact us or call 212-249-0949 with questions ready to go and we will start the journey alongside you.

**Note: all costs are approximations and are subject to change based on each patient’s individual anatomy.

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