Post-Op Fitness


Meet Your Instructor

Lauren Duhamel

Lauren Duhamel AKA Lauren Neinstein aka the Energizer Barbie is a one of New York’s most famous personal trainers. She is responsible for some of the runway’s best bodies, but more importantly, she knows how to cater to real girls who want to build long, lean muscles.

Women’s bodies are different than men’s bodies and not enough trainers pay attention to that. Lauren specializes in helping women get the most out of their workouts to achieve the body they’ve always wanted.

Certified as a yoga instructor, Mrs. Neinstein has created a program that achieves dramatic physical transformations complementing Dr. Neinstein’s work. Combined, Dr. and Mrs. Neinstein aim to boost Neinstein Plastic Surgery’s patients’ and followers’ all-around wellness. We aim to build a community that thrives on the sharing of knowledge, motivation, dedication and mutual elevation.

Even if you are not a patient we welcome you to enjoy Lauren Neinstein’s workout videos.

We ask you share your experience using the hashtag #legsbylauren and tag @drneinstein and @lifeoflaurenashley.

NOTE: We recommend patients wait at least one week post surgery to begin these exercises.