Before & After: Bra Bulge & Arm Pit Liposuction

Bra Bulge / Arm Pit Liposuction Before & After Photos

The bra bulge and arm pit are stubborn areas of fat, and have become one of our signature areas for liposuction procedures. Accordingly to Dr. Neinstein, the bra bulge area is probably the most stubborn part on the human body. Our practice treats many athletes and fitness models for this area so we can clearly say to people that diet and exercise will not make this area bulge. The non surgical options are not great due to the swelling, pain, downtime and, unfortunately, unpredictability. As you can see from the photos below, Neinstein Plastic Surgery is able to quickly, safely, and predictably perform bra bulge and arm pit liposuction to remove fat through an almost invisible tiny incision in the armpit. Read an armpit liposuction patient story featured in Redbook magazine.
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