Bra Line Back Lift

Bra Line Back Lift with Neinstein Plastic Surgery

The magic you are looking for is in the operation you are avoiding.

Patients are always grabbing their sides, grabbing their backs, and saying, “Hey doc, can you just tighten this?”

I have said this before and I will likely say it every day for the rest of my working life: if you have more skin than you want to have the only solution is to get rid of it.

Ok, so that makes sense to everyone but what is holding people back from removing the skin on their back so they can have a tight torso and look absolutely amazing? The answer is scars.

Why are people afraid of scars?

It’s natural and normal to be afraid of scars, scars in evolutionary biology are associated with a trauma. But if scars are the only thing holding us back from the magic in our lives are they really that traumatic?

About The Bra Line Back Lift

Why the Bra Line Back Lift scar is not a big deal anymore, just like a tummy tuck scar.

Another thing I always say: nobody cares about scars when they get the results they want.

The Bra Line Back Lift is a genius procedure. We mark the patient while wearing a bra so we can put the thin little line in an area of a bra or bikini that nobody will ever see.

I have never seen happier patients than those women who trust us to solve their back loose skin problems. They feel like they are 20, they do not have to carry around the stigma of weight loss, menopause, and looseness of the back that bothers them so much.

Also, scars in 2024 are just better; see my blog on how we re-think scars.

How at Neinstein Plastic Surgery our surgeons get amazing scars

  1. We mark 10 times, we cut once. We apply master level knowledge of tissue dynamics to take as much skin as possible but not too much. There is simply no way of learning this other than with high volume, deep work. (Deep Work which is also a great book by Cal Newport)
    • Deep work vs showing up
      1. Focusing on something cognitively demanding
      2. Doing this without distraction (our team is trained to prepare mentally for surgery)
      3. In a professional context of a surgeon – being passionate about a specific task that enhances the value of the profession over a career
      4. Holding a high standard to performance and results – in our practice we analyze each others scars, techniques and together as a team of surgeons think about every detail possible that can be manipulated
      5. Never being satisfied or satiated with results, when we recruit surgeons we choose people obsessed with excellence
  2. We make sure there is no tension on the scar so the skin is just kissing. Tension aka tightness makes scars worse. We use a technique on the back for the Bra Line Back Lift that sews the deep fascia from the top of the back to the bottom of the back to the incision marked at the level of the bra line, this is technically demanding and takes time.
  3. Meticulous closure –  this comes back to deep work, we hold ourselves to a higher standard in the technical aspect of closing a wound compared to any other plastic surgeon I have ever met.
  4. Post op management – our concierge white glove high touch after care program means we don’t sleep on you after surgery. I say to all the surgeons in the office, and our team of highly trained nurse practitioners, that the after is just as important as the during. Which means constant analysis and changes in dressings.

For incision management we have a very specific process of using silicone, skinuva and laser to enhance optimize and fade the scar, our team will go through every detail at the appropriate time.

Post-Procedure Downtime

Lets talk downtime from a Bra Line Back Lift.

  • Surgery takes about 3 hours
  • You can go home that day
  • No drains
  • Most take Percocet for 2 days than switch to Tylenol or Advil
  • I ask people to really rest at home for a week
  • After a week resume normal activities outside of exercise, which can resume after one month.

Why are we doing so many more bra line back lifts for loose skin than ever before?

  1. The global phenomenon of the glp-1 receptor agonists aka ozempic, mounjaro, trulicity, tirzepatide, exenatide, liraglutide has created a whole new world of weight loss which has created a whole new world of loose skin. These patients do not feel they have lost the weight until they have lost the skin. Removing the loose back skin brings emotional closure to a phase in their life and opens the door to a new era.
  2. Menopause – our 50,60,70 year old patients are more vibrant than ever and choose to not accept that what they see in the mirror is what they must accept. They want to live their best life and come from all over the world for the skin removal expertise at Neinstein Plastic Surgery, especially because they know we will do it right and provide the high touch, white glove aftercare to give them and their partners the peace of mind they seek.

Quick safety note on ozempic and mounjaro and tirzepatide and plastic surgery

  1. We ask you stop three weeks before surgery, it delays stomach emptying and when we say don’t eat or drink the night before its because we need an empty stomach to prevent any anesthesia complication.
  2. Protein –  we ask everyone to have 75g of protein 3 weeks before and after surgery, that’s 3 scoops of protein powder to prevent wound healing complications and infections associated with low protein from ozempic, mounjaro, tirzepatide.
I cannot rave enough on how amazing and outstanding I found Dr. Neinstein to be. He came highly recommended to me by a friend which was a Godsend. I met with other doctors for consults & no one comes even close to his bedside manner in its entirety
- D.S.
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