Top Male Plastic Surgery Trends 2019


Men not only want to look and feel their best they, deserve it as well. We are 
now entering a paradigm shift in aesthetic medicine where surgeons and specialists are not 
designing and implementing gender-specific procedures, but we are 
creating procedures to meet the demands and wants of society. At Neinstein Plastic Surgery, my Upper East Side 
patients are living healthier lifestyles than in the past and both men
 and women are looking for non and minimally invasive procedures to be
 the last mile in their aesthetic and fitness goals.

So, with the growing popularity of male cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, I have outlined the most common procedures of 2019. I hope this list is helpful for all men who are considering procedures in 2019 and beyond, but do not know what a particular procedure could mean for them.

The Most Common Male Procedures in 2019

1. Liposculpting of the Love Handles

Liposuction simply removes
 fat from the love handles which are the most diet and exercise resistant
 area for men. My version is unique, however. In my approach, I use energy to melt fat and tighten skin with
 virtually no scarring or downtime, which is why this is the most in-demand procedure for 
health conscious men.

2. Botox

Similar to my younger fitness patients, I am using a
 lower dose of Botox in what I call the preventive range for men. I focus on the
 crow’s feet and 11 lines so men don’t look angry or aggressive, but I 
like to preserve some texture in the forehead so men can look great 
but age appropriate

3. Emsculpt

Emsculpt is the first FDA approved muscle building device and has
 become dominated by our male market. Each 30 minute session is the 
equivalent of 20,000 sit ups but the real power of this device is for those already fit. For patients who 
are already in shape, Emsculpt helps push muscle cells beyond their
 plateaus so you can get those extra results that are so hard to obtain 
in the busy day-to-day of city life.
 The device also has a built in resting phase so it washes away the lactic
 acid, which means you don’t experience the same downtime and soreness that you
 would expect from 20,000 sit ups!

4. Lymphatic Drainage

Our practice has incorporated the detoxifying and 
water reducing massage practice that has come out of Brazil and
 Colombia. We started these massages to help patients heal faster from 
surgery but we have found patients choose to continue them 
indefinitely. Its nice to be able to blend technology with human touch 
services like massage for great results.

5. Filler

With the advent of a more dynamic line of fillers to
 choose from we can now augment males in a unique and sophisticated 
way. For instance instead of a Nike -like ‘swoosh’ cheek bone of female 
products like restylane, defyne allows me to create a more robust and
 rigid cheek bone that pronounces masculinity.

Interested in Male Cosmetic Procedures?

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