BodyWork: 6 Things to Consider Before Breast Augmentation


6 Important Things You Should Consider Before Getting Breast Augmentation

Dr. Anna Steve of Neinstein Plastic Surgery was recently contributed a BodyWork article outlining things you should consider before getting breast augmentation. An excerpt from the article can be found, below.

I’m a plastic surgeon sub-specializing in cosmetic breast surgery at Neinstein Plastic Surgery in New York City, so I know breast augmentation helps many women maintain a positive body image and self-esteem. Many women seeking breast augmentation describe the decision as something they have been considering since they hit puberty. In these cases, women describe “feeling like they waited forever for their breasts to develop, but they never did.”  Many women still want to be able to fill out the same tops and bathing suits after their breast enhancement but with more shape and volume. Others seek a volume that will provide more balance to their frame, or enhance their femininity.

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