NY Weekly: Dr. Anna on Carving her Path

Dr. Anna Steve on Carving her Path as a Renowned Cosmetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon

Neinstein Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Anna was recently interviewed by New York Weekly. In the interview, Dr. Anna discusses her journey as a working mother and how she’s carving her path as a sought after New York breast surgeon. An excerpt from the feature can be found, below.

What makes you stand out in this competitive industry?

I can connect with patients at a life stage similar to mine. Working moms like me don’t have plenty of downtimes, so I focus on rapid recovery and finding the quickest and safest way to return to work.

Being a doctor and a mom of two has helped me understand my patient population. Most of my patients are one of three types: the women who have had pregnancy but were unhappy with the changes in their body, women who are not yet pregnant but considering becoming pregnant in a few years, and lastly, young women who aren’t even thinking about kids at all. I’ve gone through all those three transitions and life stages within the past five years. That allows me to connect easily with those patients and understand their life circumstances.

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