I Sought Inner Peace Through 6 Kinds Of "Alternative Yoga." Here’s How That Went.


Salty Yoga

For years, salt rooms have served as a form of natural therapy for many people. Dr. Ryan Neinstein, a plastic surgeon MD FRCS explained that salt therapy started in Russia “for the treatment of various pathological conditions” and that ”artificial salt caves allow inhaled salt to enter the respiratory system which decreases inflammation, dissolves mucus, and makes breathing easier and faster.” Additionally, salt rooms can treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and help people with sleep apnea and joint pain.
My salty yoga class consisted of a 45 minute vinyasa practice followed by a 10 minute meditation. While balancing on the mats was a little trickier than normal in a salt-lined room, the biggest challenge for me was getting used to the salt itself. It’s distracting enough when salt dust spreads on every inch of your exposed flesh, but it takes a few minutes to adjust to breathing it all in.
Even though I couldn’t get the taste of salt out of my mouth for a few days, I felt really revived and energized from this form of yoga. Neinstein also told me that “when combined with exercise like yoga, salt therapy can improve the outcome of the exercise by helping deliver more oxygen to the muscles.”
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