Male Neurotoxin Injections

Male Neurotoxin Injections

New York Neurotoxin Injections for Men

Enhancing and Preserving Masculine Features

If you are considering male neurotoxin injections it’s important to remember that not all faces are created equal. The shape and proportion of a male face is quite different than that of an aesthetically-pleasing female. An inexperienced neurotoxin injector, or one who injects only female patients, may inadvertently feminize a man’s face. Finding the right male filler injector is critical for men.

Many females seek injectors who can erase the deepening lines and wrinkles associated with older age. They desire a return to a more youthful appearance.

While men may want to maintain a youthful edge, most are predominantly seeking to enhance certain masculine characteristics. At the same time, many men would like to avoid surgery if possible. Filler injections can be used for such purposes and can be tailored to each man’s unique face.

The Male Jawline and Chin

Men with strong and chiseled jaws are considered more handsome. Scientific studies have demonstrated that men with broad jawbones and more pronounced chins) are more attractive to ovulating women. It’s no surprise then that jawline sculpting and chin augmentation are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures that men request. While silicone implants are effective in augmenting these areas, many men are now turning to filler injections instead. Unlike implant surgery, fillers require no downtime or time out of work. After a 24-hour period, we encourage our filler patients to return to the gym. Plus, there are no incisions to heal or permanent foreign silicone material.

We commonly inject filler to augment the male jawline and chin. This filler is comprised of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres in a gel carrier. In addition to providing immediate volume, it also functions to stimulate collagen, a key structural protein. By stimulating collagen, it encourages growth in volume-deficient areas. This can be provide a long-lasting improvement to the male jawline.

Male Cheek Enhancement

When treating the male mid-face (cheek) area, it is crucial that your injector is aware that male and female patients require different treatments. Fillers can be used for subtle reductions of the nasolabial folds and to refine the contours of the cheeks. But these areas must be treated conservatively to avoid a feminized look.

The Athletic Male Face

A modest amount of facial fat gives the male face a more youthful appearance. Athletic men with low body-fat percentages often note increased hallowing of the cheeks and temples, deepening of the brow furrows and more prominent facial wrinkles in general. While the rest of the body may look great ripped, facial aesthetics often suffer, producing a more aged look. Fortunately, facial fillers can be effective in giving such men a fuller, healthier facial appearance. They allow safe, targeted volume replacement in these facial key areas.

Under Eye Enhancements

Many men complain of chronic dark areas under the eyes. These men are commonly assumed to be fatigued and not at the top of their game, despite otherwise feeling great. Fortunately, under eye filler injections can supply volume to this area and substantially decrease dark coloration and shadowing. For this area, we commonly inject a hyaluronic acid filler, which has an excellent record of safety and reliability in treating this area of the face.

Non-Surgical (Liquid) Rhinoplasty

For men unhappy with the shape or size of their nose but unable or unwilling to accept the downtime, bruising, or pain associated with a surgical rhinoplasty, filler injections to the nose may be an excellent alternative. The most common area treated non-surgically is the dorsum of the nose which allows smoothing away of a hump or providing balance to a curved nose. Nasal anatomy is delicate, and it is critical to find an experienced, fully-trained injector for this technique.

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