Six Pack Liposuction NYC

Hi-Definition Male Liposuction for Six packs

Six pack liposuction is the next evolution of body contouring specifically designed for the fit male. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of this hi-definition liposuction technology and technique. Many of us spend hours in the gym doing everything we can do to look and feel great. At the same, time most of us are stuck with a stubborn layer of fat above the muscles we have worked so hard at building. Our liposuction techniques and technology have proven to be able to help not just bring the skin down to the muscle but highlight the contours of the muscle. By understanding the anatomy of the male abdominal wall and building on the techniques described by Colombian Plastic Surgeon Alfredo Hoyos, we are now able to selectively melt and remove fat either in a minimally invasive fashion or under general anesthesia to help bring out the six pack with long term predictable safe results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Male Six Pack Liposuction


Patients with a strong muscle foundation who are committed to maintaining the muscle volume and bulk after the procedure.

VASER or ultrasound technology is key. After the fat has been numbed we are able to selectively melt the fat and tighten the skin to create hill and valley concepts in not just the up and down direction but side to side.

NO! We will follow your anatomy, a common misconception and a poor technique is to carve muscle out of fat. Our goal is to highlight and enhance the anatomy you have

Yes, we may use special foams and since the procedure is a bit more aggressive or thorough you should expect more downtime from the gym but not from work

"Dr. Neinstein and his team are wonderful. He is so passionate about his job it truly shows in his work."
- M.A.