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Dr. Ryan Neinstein Upper East Side NYC Plastic Surgeon

NYC Minimally Invasive Liposuction & Mommy Makeover Specialist

Dr. Neinstein authored the updated safety and procedural guidelines for Liposuction for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

He and his protégé Dr Funderburk have published the recent textbook chapter used by all Plastic Surgeons on liposuction and skin tightening technology. He is frequently referred to as the “surgeon’s surgeon” as many plastic surgeons themselves from around the world turn to Dr. Neinstein for their own liposuction and bodycontouring.

Dr. Neinstein also has a large regional, national, and international population of patients seeking liposuction revision using his innovative techniques and technology. To complement our liposuction practice, we have incorporated a tasteful injectable and laser program.

Specialization for Superior Outcomes

“It is impossible to be a master of every type of operation, so surgical mastery is about familiarity and judgment within a set of specialized procedures. You learn the challenges that a particular procedure or condition can present, and you learn how to predict and overcome them for superior outcomes. Surgical mastery can only occur with experience. Expertise is not a static condition, but one that evolves. Our volume, focus, and dedication to liposuction allows our patients to know we are not just on the cutting edge of liposuction we are the edge.”

Featured Liposculpting & Injectables Procedures


We specialize in liposculpting and tailor treatment plans and techniques to achieve each patient’s unique aesthetic goals. 


Bring out the best version of you with these non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Quick procedures with little-to-no downtime.

Lipo 360

Lipo 360 is our most popular lipo option. It is ideal for patients seeking dramatic changes to their body by focusing on their core area.

Learn more: Lipo 360
Male Procedures

Men are our fastest growing patient population. Specialized liposculpting for men improves the male form aesthetic and boosts self esteem.


BBL is a buttock augmentation procedure. Our goal with the Athletic Brazilian Butt Lift is to help you achieve an athletic, fit physique.

Modern Mommy Makeover
The Modern Mommy Makeover restores confidence and comfort by addressing areas affected by pregnancy and breast feeding.

Neinstein Plastic Surgery

NYC Liposuction Specialists

Dr. Ryan Neinstein is New York City’s expert on advanced liposuction. Located in Upper East Side Manhattan Neinstein Plastic Surgery offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge liposuction techniques that enable us customize treatment to each patient’s needs and desired outcomes. From minimally invasive liposuction without general anesthesia, to more extensive body contouring or Lipo 360 with general anesthesia – Neinstein Plastic Surgery can get you the beautiful and natural look you want. For more information about how Dr. Neinstein specializes in Tumescent Lipo, Vaser Lipo, Power Lipo, and Plasma Lipo to eliminate fat in the abdomen, waist, arms, legs, thighs, back, armpit and neck, please visit our liposuction page.


Dr. Neinstein has spent his career making this procedure safer and easier. Specifically he has worked with anesthesia experts around the world and written many papers on the science and safety of numbing fluid.

The actual key to being able to get someone numb without general anesthesia and still providing comfort is finesse and expertise. This finesse skill Dr Neinstein has developed over 1000’s of patients has been passed on to Dr Chris. The space between the skin and the muscle where the fat lives has little nerve endings. Dr Neinstein has created a system where the numbing fluid can gently crawl almost like a warm blanket being pulled over you. This allows the areas to be treated to be numb without requiring general anesthesia. This is revolutionary and not something surgeons who do not do 1000’s of cases are able to do. Dr Neinstein and Dr Chris thoroughly enjoy minimal anesthesia because it is a unique opportunity to chat and really get to know patients and develop a bond. The confines of the operating room are a great break from the hustle and bustle of everyday professional and home life.

  • Patients seeking as fast as a recovery as possible and those concerned about the risks of general anesthesia
  • We give oral sedation and numb the fat, people feel calm from the oral sedation and numbing of the fat has some pressure sensations but it is quite quick and the surgical team always makes sure you are enjoying the experience as they play music and get to know you
  • We limit minimal invasive procedure to 3 areas as the amount of numbing medication given is based on your weight and typically more than 3 areas
  • Patients chat or nap throughout the procedure and are able to put their garments on themselves and leave immediately from the operating room as opposed to a long recovery room stay
  • Less risk, less nausea, less grogginess, less downtime, rapid recovery
  1. Many patients are squeamish or simply prefer a deeper state of anesthesia in surgery
  2. Neinstein Plastic Surgery is blessed to work alongside the best anesthesia group of board certified anesthesiologists anywhere
  3. Our anesthesiologists will call you and come up with an anesthesia plan that is gentle and customized to your specific needs and concerns
  4. Our team most often simply gives IV medication so that there is no breathing tube


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