Patient Story: The Best Decision Was to Not Have Surgery

Patient Testimonial

I went in to see Dr. Neinstein to get liposuction on my arms. I am 5’2” very athletic, with (what I thought) disproportionately big arms. The office is a great experience with an extremely friendly staff.

When Dr. Neinstein came into the room, he was so warm and jovial. After pleasantries he asked, “why have you chosen to get elective surgery today?” Although it’s small, it made me feel like he knew this was a big decision for me to come into the office and this consult isn’t to be taken lightly. After telling him about my exercise/health routine, I showed him my arms and I was shocked.

After he evaluated the “problem areas” he told me that I wouldn’t be a good candidate for liposuction and that he wouldn’t operate on me. He reassured me that my arms are dense but it’s because of muscle and skin, not extra fat. The best remedy to get the aesthetic that I want would be changing up my workout to lighter weights at higher reps. I asked him about the area near my arm pit and he said that 1) I have a normal amount of skin there 2) he would have to cut it away and make a scar which he didn’t want to do.

After joking about if we could find any other areas to work on, he clearly said, “please don’t go to any other doctor to get a different opinion. Without a doubt someone will say they can do the operation and it is ripe for irregularities and complications.”

This is the exact reason why I wanted to see Dr. Neinstein. He has mentioned several times on his social media how many thousands of people and procedures he has performed. His expertise is second to none and he helped me decide that the risks outweigh the benefits. I am so relieved and thankful. I feel like he truly cares, and this experience just adds to his credibility.

He tells it like it is!!