Rethinking Incision Management for Breast & Body Surgery

How We Rethink Incision Management for Breast and Body Surgery

Two new things we have added for optimal scar healing because plastic surgery does not end in the operating room
(Brij Medical

Our new tissue modulation system helps create the best possible breast lift scars. These devices are placed at the time of breast surgery. Our surgeons meticulously suture the incision closed so these devices are on the skin and not in the skin. There is no discomfort. They help hold the tight areas of a lift/reduction together so the incision heals with less tension and therefore better! They fall after about two weeks and our team will instruct you for your individual scar therapy protocol after that.


Incision Management Systems for Tummy Tucks, Revision Tummy Tucks, Circumferential Tummy Tucks and Body Lift Surgery

This device has been a game changer for Tummy Tuck Scars which has always been something that scared so many. We understand that the trade off of loose skin for a scar has been proven to be worth it virtually every single time for every single patient but it is always hard for those to overcome mentally during the decision making part of the plastic surgery process. That is why we are always seeking to add any possible technique or technology to reduce scarring and make the process of having surgery easier so more patients can benefit from it. The issue with tummy tuck scars is blood supply. Because skin is moved and pulled tight in a tummy tuck there is less blood supply so for many the tummy tuck scar does not heal as well as we would like. Now of course, our surgeons meticulously sew the skin themselves with precision and tiny sutures and we have the patients bend over for a week or two to prevent tension on the incision but now almost like having the incision in a hyperbaric oxygen tank we can improve the blood supply and therefore the quality of the scar by placing an incision management system on at the time of surgery. Just like the tissue modulators in the breast this system is on the skin not in the skin however this device has some unique properties.

  1. The continuous negative pressure aka suction on the healing incision improves blood flow and therefore oxygen delivery to the tissues
  2. The material being used as silver in it which is antimicrobial
  3. The healing incision is sealed and protected for a week
  4. The device comes with a battery that is easily charged
  5. There is less swelling when the device is used

The device has been absolutely welcomed by our patients. Its not uncomfortable and in actuality it brings confidence and a sense of safety knowing their incision is safely locked away and getting extra oxygen and blood flow. After a week our team removes the device and again we start a custom wound healing program.