Why We Specialize in Breast and Body Surgery

by Dr. Neinstein

We have all heard the saying “jack of all trades but master of none” and use it to explain the importance of hyper specialization. I believe Neinstein Plastic Surgery’s passion for mastery in very few surgical domains extends past this.

One thing I notice in my life is that I am information-rich and time-poor when it comes to my own decision making for goods and services. We are just exposed through endless mediums to endless number of goods and services. So for us, part of being so hyper specific “we do lipo, tummy tucks, breast surgery, and sometimes we do them all together” simplifies and unburdens our patients’ brains. I feel a little stressed just thinking of how hard it would be to find a Plastic Surgeon for a nose job when their website or social media discussed neurotoxin, calf surgery, breast surgery, and migraine surgery. Its not that they are not great at what they do, its just hard to clarify and understand.

Another reason why we do so few procedures is that it attracts team members and patients who are very similar. Our patients and team members come from all over the world but have similar values when it comes to family, community, creativity and productivity.

Lastly, and somewhat controversial, is a borderline toxic obsessiveness with getting better at something. Along with Dr. Funderburk and Dr. Steve we spend every minute of every day recalibrating everything from pre-op to surgical technique to post-op care. We feel surgery is a million steps and each step can always be calibrated and tweaked. I personally believe that when you have a team committing their life work to a clear concise goal unbelievable things can be accomplished and that has a lot of value in the world for our patients.

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