LA Weekly: How to Make 2023 the Best Year of Your Life


How To Make 2023 The Best Year of Your Life According to Dr. Ryan Neinstein

Dr. Neinstein was recently featured in LA Weekly to discuss how to make 2023 your best year. An excerpt from the article can be found, below.

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said: “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” Is there something you’ve been procrastinating on for ages? Maybe you’ve been waiting for years to learn a new language, pick up a new healthy habit, or finally book that trip you’ve been dreaming of.

What causes this type of procrastination is often the fear of not having enough time to dedicate yourself to these activities. The truth is that only by doing the first step will you finally find the time. “Leaning into whatever friction is holding you back by actually doing something and doing it consistently, will have ripple effects in your life,” said Dr. Neinstein.

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